The Kelley Peers Design Partnership (KPDP) has been formed by Martin Kelley and Rick Peers to offer an independent technical design service to architects, garden designers and contractors who are planning and constructing water gardens in both the domestic and commercial markets.

Martin Kelley is the founder and Managing Director of Fairwater Ltd and Rick Peers has been the company’s senior CAD designer since 2006. Between them, they have been responsible for a large range of water garden projects, ranging from wildlife ponds and lakes to intricate fountain displays, rills, canals and water courses.

Based in Sussex, England and The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, KPDP is able to offer technical support to design teams across the globe and specialise in the back room detail of water garden design. The years of hands on, practical experience gained with Fairwater Ltd gives KPDP a unique expertise in the following key areas of water garden design;

  • Design interpretation; advising clients on the practicality of their concept and recommending cost saving alternatives.

  • Detailed construction drawings; complete CAD packages showing every component required to achieve the visual effect desired.

  • Technical specification of pumps; filtration; water level control and lighting.

  • 3D modelling of features to demonstrate the interface with other structures on site.

  • Work schedules and costs for inclusion in tender packages.

  • Aquatic and marginal planting schemes, both for ornamental impact and as aids to biological filtration.

Recent projects have been completed for high end developers in the UK including The Berkeley Group, Bellway Homes, Octagon and Royalton, private clients in Australia and design teams in France and Belgium.

KPDP works regularly with landscape architects and garden designers, both established and newly qualified and in conjunction with Fairwater Ltd are able to offer onsite support and installation services if required.